Dr. Christina Lane
3707 Charlestown Rd
Suite C1
New Albany, IN. 47150
812-944-4575 Office
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Andrea Hoehn-Naville
I've never felt more confident and at peace after leaving a doctors office... Dr. Lane is always thorough and willing to go above and beyond to care for my girls. I know in my heart that they are getting the BEST care that I could give them.

Tina Cravens Burkhead
While I would like for Dr. Lane to remain Southern Indiana's best kept secret (I really like same day appointments), I do have to brag about the great care she provides my two daughters. Having previously been a patient at a large practice it was always hit or miss on what type of care my child would receive. While this wasn't ideal, it was tolerable when I had only a healthy child, but after the birth of my very special and very complicated Kinsley we needed to find someone that would take an interest in Kinsley's well being. Not only does Dr. Lane know the whole picture regarding Kinsley's health, she also cares about Kinsley... which means the world to us!!! Having a child with special needs and multiple health issues, it is comforting to know that one doctor has a complete understanding of my child's health. Switching our PCP to Dr. Lane has been the best decision we've made. Not that I need anyone's confirmation, but it was reassuring to hear an ER doctor compliment what a great pediatrician we have... I'm positive they don't say that about every pediatrician :-) I feel confident Kayleigh & Kinsley are getting the best healthcare possible and sleep better at night knowing Dr. Lane is only a phone call away!

Jenn Burke Thomas
Can I just say I LOVE YOU!??! :-)
Those are the best words I have to express how we feel about Dr. Lane! The love and care she has given my children is amazing. She has been a part of each of their lives since birth and the fact that she knows everything about their health means the world to me! She goes above and beyond to give my children the care they need at the time and always follows up to ensure that they're back at their best. She has always been more than patient with my 3 year old who screamed and shook everytime we walked in the office. Now he adores her... how could he not? We've traveled from place to place with Dr. Lane because I would accept no less care for my children. She also goes out of her way to make me feel at ease. My entire family has been blessed by Dr. Lane in so many ways!

Kimber Graves
As the mother to three children, two of whom were internationally adopted, it is important that our pediatrician be competent not only in pediatric medicine, but also in working with children who have special needs due to institutionalization, trauma, neglect, and malnutrition. Dr. Lane has gone so far beyond what most physicians would in order to care and advocate for my children. I am grateful that my children are the beneficiaries of Dr. Lane's passion, faith, commitment, and skill.

Cheryl Gilreath Hoerter
What can I say? She's the best pediatrician by far! We gladly followed her around from office to office because we think she's fantastic. Like others, we have spoken highly of her to other parents. From the moment we met her, we trusted and immediately liked her. She was more than happy to listen to any of our concerns and make us feel at ease. Thank you Dr. Lane. We love you!

Erin Key Singleton
ohhhh.... I'm like a walking Dr. Lane advertisement- any time I can recommend you I do! Here are some things I've shared with other parents. My wording may not be as professional as you like so you can spice it up if needed! Everyone should have a Dr. Lane in their life/family. My children have NEVER received better care than from Dr. Lane and her staff. It's only been 2 months since her office opened and her staff members know my children by name- even if one isn't in the office with us, they ask about her and take an interest in our family. I've never had a doctor do a late night home visit (you might not want to include that one- so people do expect that every time:) but it sure meant a lot to us that you could see us the day before Murphy's surgery when Finley wasn't quite acting like herself. I left a practice that my family had been a part of for 20+ years to take my children to Dr. Lane and I have not once questioned my decision to move doctors. It was the best move we ever made for the care of our 3 girls.